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Institutional investors hire Outsourced Chief Investment Officers (OCIO) for fiduciary protection, faster execution and better returns. Many have reasoned that their lack of expertise in complex financial markets, strategies and products means they should leave such decisions to the experts.

But hiring an OCIO does not relieve investors of their duty to monitor. In fact, since they are no longer part of the decision process, monitoring becomes more difficult. An independent monitor is the prudent path as it brings greater accountability to balance the OCIO's greater authority. Plus, investors under ERISA will gain a layer of legal protection following Tibble v. Edison and Hughes v. Northwestern.

Finally, OCIOs serve as both player and scorekeeper. Their performance reports contain incomplete feedback loops making it difficult to determine their value-add. Worse, some OCIOs use hard-to-detect techniques making their performance appear better. A monitor brings transparency and accountability to the process.


There are five skills where an OCIO can create or lose value:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Tactical Asset Allocation

  • Active Manager Hiring

  • Active Manager Firing

  • Rebalancing

Typical performance reports tell clients very little about these skills. Rather, they focus on the underlying managers and blurs the OCIO's value-add in executing their duties.

Together we will review objective, quantitative and understandable reports on how the OCIO performs in each of these skills. Plan sponsors will gain fiduciary performance assurance and peace of mind.

The OCIO will also benefit as they receive timely feedback and may learn behavioral finance patterns which can be applied to improve future outcomes. 

One-time and ongoing reviews are available for every kind of plan sponsor. Performance Presentation Reviews are also available to ensure fair and accurate reporting.


Wall Street

With over 30 years of institutional investment management and consulting experience, Brian Schroeder is the OCIO Monitor plan sponsors need to effectively monitor their Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Beginning in 2010, Brian was the first provider of objective and quantitative metrics for evaluating the value-add of non-discretionary investment consultants. He is now providing this service to plan sponsors to monitor their OCIO structures.

He has been the leading voice at conferences, symposiums, magazines, online and in-person advocating on behalf of plan sponsors and institutional investors.



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