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New Due Diligence Service for Health & Welfare Funds

Updated: Feb 19

Since 2010, OCIO Monitor has been providing objective and unbiased due diligence for large pensions, foundations and endowments. The metrics are powerful, insightful and help improve future outcomes.

Health & Welfare (H&W) funds subject to ERISA have the same legal requirements as large pension or annuity funds. Yet, they rarely get the same attention despite how critical they are to health care security for millions of beneficiaries in the US.

But following the 2008 GFC, many H&W investment strategies became more complex fleeing 0% interest rates. They were practically forced to invest more aggressively to keep up with heath care inflation. But for monitoring, they still have a pre-2008 mindset.

Believe it or not, many H&W funds suffered double-digit losses in 2022 but did not recover enough in 2023 to breakeven.

No matter how complex an investment strategy has become, there remains only 5 skills where an investment consultant or OCIO can create or lose value. Those are:

  1. Strategic Asset Allocation

  2. Tactical Asset Allocation

  3. Rebalancing

  4. Active Manager Hiring

  5. Active Manager Firing

In a report of less than 10 pages, H&W funds can achieve the necessary due diligence quickly and cost-effectively gain proactive legal protections and insights to improve future outcomes.

Contact OCIO Monitor at to learn more about this service, request a virtual presentation, or preview a sample report.

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